Want to co-drive this awesome Race Car?

It dawned on me recently that the best way to have a regular co-driver in this amazing race car is to have a co-owner – it’s also the cheapest long term option for any co-driver and my preferred option as I really want to stay driving this awesome car but have a regular co driver. Will be very well priced.

Preference and cheaper price if I could be co-driver sometimes.

The idea of co ownership came about because two drivers are needed for each race in the Australian Endurance Championship and also because I don’t really have the space to store it so someone with a shed/garage would be a distinct advantage (but that’s not essential as there are other options).

I have plenty of time to float the car to and from races and any maintenance places etc so this would suit an “arrive and drive” co driver (or one who is much more hands on). We would share all expenses and make ALL decisions on the car jointly and co-operatively.

I would not be any sort of “senior” partner.


Everyone knows it’s an awesomely fast car. A few who’ve driven it know how rewarding and beautifully balanced it is to driveĀ  (actually turns in better than when the rotary was the engine due to better balance and especially CoG).






It’s is quite cheap to run – think of it as Commodore running costs with far less maintenance because its so light and well balanced. Tyres and brakes last for ages. The only time it ever raced on new tyres was when a tyre sponsor supplied them free. It’s always raced on good secondhand GT or Porsche slicks. And this arrangement could continue. The sizes it is set up for are in abundance.

The last engine lasted almost five years of endurance and sprint racing. In early 2015 a BRAND NEW engine, BRAND NEW gearbox and BRAND NEW radiator and BRAND NEW dry sump pump and BRAND NEW oil cooler will be fitted.

2014 saw BRAND NEW KAAZ Diff and 3.9 built TUF, Master Cylinders, brake cylinders, firebomb, cool suit, B128L Braille (Google it!), new fuel pumps as part of general “life-ing” of components.

We believe in preventative maintenance and quality parts. Did you Google B128L Braille yet?

Its much more than an FD RX-7 with a V8. This car has been professionally built with lots of love and attention to detail so any potential co owner would need to “click” with the team – not a tricky thing but we reserve the right to say “no sorry”.

For further info contact Steve on 0428 219 888


Steve Anslow

From Pole position 2014 Australian Endurance Championship Round 1.