Sonny Duran built and tuned my LS2 engine. It is an amazing piece and other competitors do not believe it can perform the way it does with only 419 HP ATW. Some other similar weight cars have 650HP LS2 engines and my car just powers past them on the straights. Before you get an LS engine built or tuned you would be mad to go anywhere else. Sonny knows these engines inside out.


Greg Stevenson designed and built the exhaust on my car. Listen to it compared to LS7 Mosler, LS2 Holden and RB26 and SR20. I am sure you agree Gregs system sounds the best

Lubricants: We selected Mainlube Lubricants and are extremely happy  with that choice.

Mainlube Lubricants are THE BEST!

I can thrash my engine mercilessly and it keeps great oil pressure. I would not use ANYTHING else in my race car.



Body: Bowens Smash Repairs, Windsor.

but most of all my mate Tully who runs


And my mate David hall who runs