Mazda FD RX7 V8 QUICK SALE Reduced to $99,900

Sadly my much loved car has to go. Price reduced even further. This very well sorted,  very fast, very forgiving and very reliable race car is ready to race. Any test! I defy you to find a car as fast, forgiving, exciting, durable and cheap to race car for the price. I BET you cannot.


1.01.68 Wakefield (Natsoft on very used tyres – see video below)

1.29.43 Winton (Natsoft. Old slower surface – used tyres IN STREET CAR TRAFFIC)

Completely BRAND NEW from Radiator to Diff. All photo documented. And provable as its documented electronically in Secret Facebook group that we could open up to serious buyers.

  • LOG BOOKED CAMS 3D Sports Sedan.
  • Queensland Classic Sports Sedan

Eligible for:

  • Phillip Island 50K Plate Sports Sedans 3D HMSS Class
  • 2017 Muscle Car Masters Sports Sedans 3D
  • SMSP 10 Hour
  • NSW Sports Sedans 3D Floorpan class
  • Bathurst Combined Sports Sedans – Feb 2018
  • Bathurst 12 Hour – Previously invited
  • Queensland Classic Sports Sedans!
  • FoSC

Ric Shaw tells me its eligible (and very suitable for) for

  • Nurburg 24 Hr
  • Dubai 24Hr
  • Sapang 12 Hour
  • 25 Hours of Thunder USA

PERFECT for two OR THREE owners to co drive in:

  • Valvoline Wakefield 300
  • Valvoline Winton 300
  • Lakeside 300
  • QR 300
  • Philip Island 300

No expense spared professional build and maintenance by Motorsport specialists.

LS V8 6 LitreV8 Conversion done by Bosnjak Engineering. Expert level.

Maintained meticulously with only the best of fluids. By Motorsport specialists. Not me!!

Electronic build and data record/photo diary is available as proof of build and maintenance (Secret Facebook group that will be opened up to serious buyer)!

This car combines the worlds most affordable power-plant, the Chevrolet LS V8 – with the the world’s best handling, affordable RWD chassis the FD RX-7 the car that sent Mazda broke such was their dedication to getting it right.

N.B. The FD RX-7 still holds the Lap Record at Bathurst for production cars! The record is 17 years old. Think about that for a second. The FD is a fantastic chassis.

And the driver of that car at Bathurst, Terry Bosnjak, built my car.

Am I attached to it?

You betcha! I love it. But at nearly 65 yo I realise it’s time to find it a new home despite having refreshed everything in 2015 and 2016 and improved various components for longevity. This car should provide many years of reliable, fast racing.


It’s CHEAP to run because it’s VF SS Holden Commodore running gear with extra coolers (Engine, Gearbox and Diff) in a much lighter car with a brilliant chassis so everything is under-stressed. So much cheaper than a Commodore to own and run. Tyre wise I’ve never  bought a new tyre for it. Ever. It runs used slicks.

So here are some specs:

SAFETY – my FIRST priority when building the car:

  • RACETECH enduro seat with 90° shoulder supports and Hans device supports Fits 6’3″ drivers easily Driving position suits 5’6″ 65kgs to 6’3″ 130kgs
  • 2013 SHROTH Endurance Proffi 2 seat belt with QUICK RELEASE adjusters – saves time in driver changes
  • LIFELINE Fire Bomb plumbed
  • Extensive cage
  • HID overtaking lights controlled from steering wheel button

ENGINE – Reliability was my second priority:

  • 2015 BRAND NEW 6 Litre alloy Chev with square Port heads from LS3
  • Improved by AUTOWERKS. Tuned by Sonny Duran.
  • BRAND NEW 2015 ARE Dry Sump pump!
  • BRAND NEW 2015 Upgraded oil pump
  • BRAND NEW 2015 Various hoses etc
  • BRAND NEW 2015 Spintric Air / Oil separator (FOR FIRST TIME) GREAT PEACE OF MIND!!!!!!!!!!
  • BRAND NEW 2015 6″ Oberg inspection filter (FOR FIRST TIME)
  • Engine has had the best oils and maintained meticulously with only the highest quality parts used. Internals can be inspected via OBERG after a test run. 10 Litre oil capacity.
  • Low hours. One shakedown day, one test day , one weekend of racing. Previous engine lasted five years of endurance racing and this one has numerous upgrades for longevity.
  • Runs on 98 Octane Pump Gas but one year we won the Wakefield 300 outright with 95 Octane in it. Only realized it was 95 half way thru the race! It has a great tune in it. Comes with second ECU with special tune that we haven’t even tried yet.


  • 110 L fuel cell
  • Fast fill
  • Two Holley Blues
  • Bosch 044
  • 2x 1 L fuel fitler
  • 1x Bosch fuel filter
  • Fuel decant system  (Stone Bros Racing)


  • Mandrel bent extractors
  • Ceramic powder coated
  • Barnes collectors with Trapezoidal merge collectors SOUNDS AWESOME


  • 2016 PWR Radiator
  • 2016 Earls oil cooler
  • It stays cool even racing on HOT DAYS


  • BRAND NEW 2015 Tremec TR6060 Magnum built to MOTORSPORT SPEC by John Wilcox. The best, most experienced Race Tremec shop in the country. He does ALL the V8 Utes.
  • GM Motorsport shifter
  • Cooler with New 2015 VDO pump and filter


  • New Tailshaft 2015
  • BRAND NEW KAAZ LSD built TUF by David Bosnjak Diff cooler with VDO pump Filter on lines


  • AP 6P front
  • BRAND NEW 2016 2 piece AP rotors (362mm)
  • AP 4P rear
  • 2 piece rotors


  • Racepak Logger Dash
  • Hour meter (analogue)


  • Full professional MOTORSPORT wiring with circuit breakers
  • Million Cycle LIGHTWEIGHT commercial grade German switches
  • WORLDS BEST Braille Motorsport Battery BRL-B168LC  as used by Top Level Le Mans cars, NASCAR, COTF & V8 Supercars – ($2500 +)


  • Better F/R balance than OEM rotary FD!!! (On 3 separate scales Bosnjak Engineering, Ric Shaw, Brook Motorsport)
  • 2.6 G’s on Logger
  • Some handling things done that will only be revealed to new owner
  • SPAX shocks with factory support
  • Coilover distributor input FREE at each new track


  • Like all emotions the following is subjective:
  • How good is this car?
  • When I started driving it I lost interest in my favourite TV Show – Top Gear. Even when they road-tested an Ascari it was inferior in most ways on the track. Maybe all ways.
  • Best sounding LS out there
  • Brilliant to drive
  • Power down out of corners is perfect
  • Better balance front to rear than the original OEM specification


  • Samberg radiator
  • 2x Doors
  • 2x Bonnets
  • Mould for front bar
  • Numerous bits and bobs
  • Spare very usable tyres



If interested call me on 0428 Two 19 triple 8


  • FAI Cool suit system
  • Two Cool Suit shirts
  • Cold Fresh Filtered air for helmet

My number is Zero Four Two 8 Two one nine 888

Laying rubber at over 160KPH

Top Ten Shootout in wet against AWD cars by FOUR SECONDS

Handling in WET!


Start Wakefield 300


Mazda RX7  RX-7 V8 Samberg L98 LS1 LS2 LS3 LS7 LS9

Australian Endurance Championship

Bathurst 12 Hour