2016 Valvoline Australian Endurance Championship

Sensible and experienced driver with moderate budget wanted wanted to drive this very fast, professionally  built Chevrolet alloy 6 litre dry sumped V8 FD RX-7 in the Australian Endurance Championship.

The car is a proven enduro car which has been built on a virtually unlimited budget to be strong and under-stressed so that it is very reliable*, safe and comfortable – but still very fast and VERY exciting to drive. You better believe it!!!!!!

* New engine and gearbox late 2015.  New Diff 2016.

Obviously you will need some collateral and a race record driving fast cars.

We have some ideas on how you can get sponsorship for your drive and are happy to explain when you call.

bathurst 12 hour drivers needed

Winton under 1.30 on old tyres on track with street cars:

Wakefield under Porsche Cup lap record on old and worn out tyres:


With better weight balance than a factory FD RX7 and an alloy V8 that gives the car a lower centre of gravity than when the FD left the Mazda factory, it handles like a dream and goes like a bullet. Very rewarding car, but forgiving and easy to drive. REALLY!

It combines the best of Japan, UK, Australia and the USA:

  • Japanese FD RX-7 chassis
  • Japanese KAAZ LSD built TUF by Bosnjak Engineering
  • Japanese genuine Burnout wide-body kit with spare Burnout replica kit by Shine on hand
  • English suspension (SPAX)
  • English steering (Atomic Rex/Tyrell)
  • English heated windscreen screen (Atomic Rex)
  • English brakes (AP 6 Piston Front with 362mm 2 piece rotors and 4 Piston AP Rears with 334mm 2 piece rotors )
  • Australian Sureflo Exhaust (complete) mandrel bent, double ceramic coated long tube headers with Barnes style 4 into 1 trapezoidal pyramid race merge collectors
  • Australian Pfitzner Performance Gears in the dog box
  • Australian expert fabrication by Bosnjak Engineering
  • Australian expert complete motorsport rewire by Enzos at Eastern Creek and utilising high duty cycle German truck/bus switchgear;
  • USA F.A.S.T.. Filtered  F.I.A approved cold air – for helmet forced air induction
  • USA F.A.S.T. Cool Shirt – F.I.A. approved
  • USA Samberg Custom F&R mounting kit
  • USA Samberg radiator and OTR CAI with Carbon Fibre K&N filter
  • USA BRAND NEW Crate Chevrolet alloy 6 litre engine with the good heads, balanced, blueprinted and fitted with strong internals
  • USA A.R.E. Dry Sump with 13 litre capacity
  • USA Tilton underhung pedal box
  • USA Tilton in car bias
  • USA Racepak IQ3 Race Dash with data logging, track mapping and GPS timing

Other goodies include:

Awesome Racetech Viper GT3 HANS winged seat with 90 degree shoulder supports to keep you braced no matter the G forces (and as safe as possible). This is the seat which Mercedes Benz designed for Racetech in the Daimler/Chrysler Viper days. Seat is mounted LOW and CENTRED on a custom Bosnjak floor with much better than OEM head and shoulder clearance. Seat does not flex even under wild G Forces. The 90 degree shoulder supports are brilliant in an enduro.

V8 Supercar style fuel delivery and decant system allows plenty of fuel and easy decanting after very session for accurate fuel consumption calculation and recording.

This is a FUN car that is very fast, comfortable and professionally built as an endurance car. It sounds particularly amazing and gives the driver a real buzz. It should be awesome on the Mountain and will have many spares – none of which have been needed in almost two years of reliable racing.

I am looking for good safe sensible drivers who are financially secure. No big egos, dickheads or prima donnas please.



“After competing around the world in some major events like the Nurburgring 24 Hour it is an equally wonderful experience to do an event like the Wakefield 300 with a guy like Steve Anslow who is very passionate about his motorsport and brings back the “F” in “Fun”. Steve gives 110% and has a great crew of skilled guys who go the extra mile to help.

With 3 Wakefield 300 races under our belts the team can now revel in the glory of a win and will come back with a wealth of experience from this achievement.

The V8 RX-7 is an awesome machine to drive and is right up there with the best cars I’ve driven including the Holden V8 Supercar and the great Aston Martin DBRS9 V8.

You never stop learning from these events and I look forward to throwing myself into the V8 RX-7 again for the next endurance challenge with my racer mate Steve Anslow”.

Ric Shaw

Call Steve on 0428 219888 for further info or email wolsna at gmail dot com

* New diff, engine and gearbox installed late 2015 early 2016.