About Us

Quality Racing is a not for profit FUN race team centred around the red V8 RX-7 above owned by Steve Anslow which we would like to race in the Australian Endurance Championship and a few other events just for fun.

To run the AEC we need a co driver or a co owner.

The car has been undergoing an EXTENSIVE rebuild with new engine, new clutch, new gearbox, new tailshaft, new dry sump, new coolers. And especially new younameits!

We hope to have it on the track in August 2015 for a shakedown and then a track day doing HOT LAPS for friends and supporters

Should be fun.

N.B. The 300 races need co drivers so if we don’t get a suitable co driver we will not be entering the AEC.


Main Man/Chief: Dave Gerard

Dean Gerard

Jason Roe

Parry Anastakis

Fire Chie:f Mark “Tully” Tull

Catering: Peter Garrard

DRIVERS: Sprint Race and Enduro Driver: Steve Anslow

2014 WILLOWBANK 300 Steve Anslow, Lindsay Stone.

2014 WAKEFIELD 300  Steve Anslow, Ric Shaw

2013 Kumho Tyres Wakefield 300: Steve Anslow; Lindsay Stone, Livingstone Automotive, Townsville

2012  Kumho Tyres Wakefield 300 Co Driver 2012 Shane Otten, Natsoft and Sutton’s Motor Group

2011 Winton 300 Co Driver: Hayden Pullen, HP Racing

2011 Wakefield 300 Co Driver: Ric Shaw, Ric Shaw Racing

2010 Wakefield 300 Co Driver: Ric Shaw, Ric Shaw Racing

2008 Wakefield 300 Co Driver: Ric Shaw, Ric Shaw Racing


HISTORY: Quality Racing grew out of a discussion with Steve Anslow and his Grandson Jack Edward Smith in 2007. Both avid petrol heads, young Jack suggested Poppy get a race car like the one in what was to be our first ever team meeting with livery like Jack’s favourite movie car Lightning McQueen.

Thus began the search for a suitable car to race. The FD RX-7 was the obvious choice with its superb chassis and great handling. Alas, its quirky rotary engine soon proved to be a weak point when subjected to the rigours of endurance racing and eventually we chose to transplant the lightweight Chevrolet LS2 6.0 litre V8, which surprisingly maintained the beautiful balance of the car and made it a rocket!

For more info click here http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/steve-anslow-talks-about-his-amazing-v8-rx7.html