95 at Griffins


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Quality Racing is a (not for profit) race team centred around the red car #95  above –  the amazing V8 RX-7 – a very exciting car to drive (and watch) and one that is much more than the sum of its many high quality parts.

Our main focus is endurance racing and the car has been specially built for enduros but we got invited to run in the Australian Hillclimb Championships at Bathurst during November 2012. Despite running on Circuit Slicks which take a couple of minutes to warm up the car performed perfectly! It was grast fun.

For more info on the car click here http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/steve-anslow-talks-about-his-amazing-v8-rx7.html

All of our Charity fundraising  (100%) goes to Camp Quality!  If you have a function and would like our race team to visit please contact us and for a suitable donation to Camp Quality we will do our best to participate.


We are thinking of organizing a Charity golf day at Riverside Oaks Golf Course. Any ideas? Suggestions welcome!
95 awesome in wet


Sensible and experienced driver with moderate budget wanted wanted to drive this very fast, professionally built Chevrolet alloy 6 litre dry sumped V8 FD RX-7 in the Australian Endurance Championship.

The car is a proven enduro car which has been built on a virtually unlimited budget to be strong and under-stressed so that it is very reliable*, safe and comfortable – but still very fast and VERY exciting to drive. You better believe it!!!!!!

*New diff and brakes April 2014. New engine and gearbox and Diff Late 2015.

Obviously you will need some collateral and a race driving record in fast cars.

We have some ideas on how you can get sponsorship for your drive and are happy to explain when you call.

Car 95 Bathurst FD RX-7 V8 LS


It dawned on me recently that the best way to have a regular co-driver in this amazing race car is to have a co-owner – it’s also the cheapest long term option for any co-driver and my preferred option as I really want to stay driving this awesome car but have a regular co driver. Will be very well priced.


However if I cannot get a co owner I would consider a co driver as this also allows me to keep co driving it.

Sadly however if I cannot get a suitable co driver or co owner I have to sell it outright. Not something I really want to do but its the financial reality. 🙁

Preference and cheaper price if I could be co-driver sometimes.

The idea of co ownership came about because two drivers are needed for each race in the Australian Endurance Championship and also because I don’t really have the space to store it so someone with a shed/garage would be a distinct advantage (but that’s not essential as there are other options).

I have plenty of time to float the car to and from races and any maintenance places etc so this would suit an “arrive and drive” co driver (or one who is much more hands on). We would share all expenses and make ALL decisions on the car jointly and co-operatively.

I would not be any sort of “senior” partner.